My name is Inge van den Hoven, I draw, paint and sculpt wonderful creatures.

I have been doing this since childhood and recently started working in my own studio in Aalsmeer.

I love silly puns, you can't wake me up for anything and when I'm only talking nonsense I just need a sandwich.

I live in Amsterdam with my husband  and I collect Daisy earrings. 

Where do I get it from

Even as a child, I was very interested in anything that was a bit different or creepy. Like stories about witches and ghosts, deformations of the human and animal body, cabinets of curiosities, fairy tales, medieval illuminations, puns, the abnormal in everyday life, the film Freaks by Tod Browning, the work of Hieronymus Bosch. Fortunately, that sense of wonder has never left me and I now incorporate it into sculptures, drawings and paintings.

What do I make

Realistic-looking figures in ceramics, paintings and drawings. Through unusual combinations of body parts and limbs, these become new personalities. And if these characters look "normal", they find themselves in a strange situation or behave in an odd way.
Although the figures sometimes look absurdist or even frightening, they are still very accessible through recognisable imagery, often with a good dose of humour.

When the corners of my mouth curl up and my eyebrows furrow, I know that a work has been successful.

It looks something like this: