Mouth wide open and attract attention. What will the neighbours say when you wear this piece of jewellery? I'm sure it will say more about them than about you ;p

Unique and handmade.
Ceramic, acrylic paint, cord (length may vary per piece of jewellery) or ear hooks.


1-1,5 cm. 




The Chinese year of the bunny and we will know it too. Your outfit is no longer complete without bunnies.

Handmade so each bunny is unique.

Ceramic, acrylic paint, varnish. 1 cm

Foot and fist


How cute, but... Seven toes and six fingers? More is more when it comes to earrings. A little macabre, perhaps perfect for Halloween but also very wearable on a rainy or otherwise day.

Unique and handmade.
Ceramic, acrylic paint, varnish
Approx. 1.5 cm.


From every breast jewellery sold, I donate €1 to breast cancer research.

Almost all women have two breasts. No breast is the same, even in a pair. They can bring joy or pain, pride or sadness. They can represent femininity, lust and motherhood.

Often breasts are the subject of discussion. Cover or show, and how much? And what if they are affected by disease, how do you deal with them?

I made these breasts to wear visibly as jewelry. Hopefully they will attract attention and give rise to a good and frank conversation.

They are modest in size because I want to draw attention to breasts in a sweet way. I hope that people who wear them and people who see them will start a conversation about breasts. For example, about prudishness that surrounds them. In religion but also in art. It can also be a nice opening to a good conversation about breast cancer, which is often difficult for many people to just talk about. 

With humour, I try to deliver a serious message. Boobs do not define you as a woman. Have or not have, big or small, be proud of how you look.



Dangling Dickies 

It started as a small protest against emerging prudishness in art. (And prudishness in general.) Now I shout to everyone, "Do you want to see my dicky?" A funny little gem with a serious message.