10x10 Artist

Art gallery Atelier Open (AO) presents the booklet 10x10artist!

AO aims to help young artists become known. This year, AO is giving Valeria Vangelista a platform.

In addition to Valeria Vangelista's work, the booklet contains inspiring work by the artists participating in the 10x10artist project. This makes it a nice gift for the upcoming holidays.

The booklet is also physically for sale at Atelier Open

This painting of mine can be found the book:

Een heel leuk boek

Twenty of my drawings  in "Een heel leuk boek" .

Written by Jeroen Blankert. For sale, e.g. at  Bruna,  Boekhandel Binnert Overdiep or De algemene Boekhandel


100 Pen drawings in a booklet. Bound, numbered and signed. In two editions, completely sold out. 

Original drawings on request €100 or as print €15. Please contact me for more information.