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Ross C Berman
a year ago

Vandenhoven’s work is a charming blend of humor and horror. A litmus test for our willingness to see the adorable in the ugly.

2 years ago

With great pleasure and admiration I still look at the miniature figurines ( elephant, owl and octopussie) that Inge made for us.
Big in small size.


Inge looks at the world in an irresistibly humorous and refreshing way. Her realistic and surrealistic figures surprise time and again. Highly recommended for fans of Museum Vrolik and book illuminations with a modern twist.



With the knowledge of the surrealistic figures, now owner of a handcrafted book. #1-100 The100dayproject is a collection of imagined language, admittedly in Inge's own reality, but still.
Look forward to the sequel


I can look at Inge's work with such wonder. The twist is genius. Her drawings are sublime. When her first book of drawings came out, I had to have it, of course. Come and see it and let the amazement come to you. It was a good investment.

Sophie Monheim

I am a fan! Fan of Inge's universe, which is always surprising, makes you laugh one minute and shudder the next. Her imagination is limitless and I love her fantastic creatures!


What I like about your work is that it always has a sense of humour. And it almost always makes me laugh. It shows a unique way of looking at the world, which is also humorous.


I really like the refined way of drawing that you have. I'm totally freaked out by your witty ideas and your execution of them is sublime! Your images are stunning, all the refined beautiful details so sensitive they seem to live! They always touch me. The ideas you have are out of this world. My mother thinks so too.