Inge van den Hoven draws, models and paints wondrous creatures.

She puts the weight of the world into perspective in small cheerful ceramic objects, paintings, drawings and jewellery.

Realistic-looking figures become new personalities through unusual assemblies of body parts and limbs. And should these characters look "normal", they are in a strange situation or behave peculiarly.
Although the characters sometimes look absurdist or even terrifying, they are still very accessible through recognisable imagery, often with a good dose of humour.


Even as a child, I found anything a bit different or creepy very interesting. Like stories about witches and ghosts, deformations of the human and animal body, cabinets of curiosities, fairy tales, medieval book illuminations, puns, the abnormal in everyday life, Tod Browning's film Freaks, the work of Hieronymus Bosch. This wonder has fortunately never left me and I now incorporate it into sculptures, drawings, paintings and jewellery.

I love silly puns, you can't wake me up for anything and if all I do is talk nonsense, I just need a sandwich. 

With my husband I live in Amsterdam, I collect daisy earrings.


Broedplaats Baggerbeest

Rudi van Dantzigstraat 9, studio 9.3

1095PK  Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Tel: 06 48447545



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